EPG Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

EPG strategic vision is simply to enable all our children to be the best they can be.

Our mission statements serve as a framework for the achievement of this EPG vision and our EPG values define our operating principles. Our mission statements are:

  • To provide affordable high-quality education, enabling children to become bilingual lifelong learners and valuable global citizens in a rapidly changing multicultural world.
  • To build learning communities that are safe, inclusive and collaborative.
  • To partner with parents to nurture the development of the child, emphasising communication, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and compassion.

EPG Values

EPG Values

Underpinning EPG vision and mission statements are EPG values which define our behavior and conduct in all interaction with employees, children, parents, partners, and shareholders. Our EPG values are:

  • To promote care, compassion, honesty, tolerance, trust, and respect amongst the EPG community.
  • To provide contemporary learning opportunities for all stakeholders, which stimulate curiosity, inquiry, reflection, challenge, and innovation.
  • To nurture and support all children, so that they achieve their potential in all areas of learning: social, intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual.
  • To equip children to become creative and independent thinkers, responsible citizens and lifelong learners.
  • To provide a broad and balanced curriculum with an emphasis on learning to learn.
  • To develop and maintain welcoming, child-friendly facilities and environments.
  • To ensure that all members of the school community are valued.

Meet Our Managing Director

Welcome to The English Playgroup!

Established in 1975 as a family-owned and operated company, EPG has grown into the premier provider of Early Years, Primary and Secondary education in Kuwait. EPG today is positioned as the market leader in the Early Years sector with 27 locations alongside 3 School Campuses in Salwa, Salmiya and Sabah Al Salem, giving over 8,500 children aged 9 months to 13 years the opportunity to be educated with excellent educators making use of the best of facilities and resources, be pioneers on their own and in the society they live in and grow fully with their potentials and talents.

Our core mission at EPG is to enable our children to be the best they can be and empower them to become lifelong learners. We strive to provide rich and meaningful learning experiences that will encourage each student to grow and develop their unique talents and personality for their future.

EPG follows the world-renowned Foundation Stage and National Curriculum for England, which we have carefully adapted to local customs, Ministry of Education requirements, and our fully bilingual approach. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets the standards that all Early Years Providers must meet to ensure that each unique child has the opportunities to interact in positive relationships and enabling environments. The National Curriculum for Schools in England is a balanced and broad-based curriculum comprising KS1 for 5-7 year-olds, KS2 for 7-11 year-olds and KS3 for 11-13 year-olds. EPG has garnered international recognition for its efforts, earning full COBIS (Council of Overseas British International Schools) accreditation for our Schools in Salwa and Salmiya.

Our leadership and teaching family are the backbone of our company. Our programmes are enriched by qualified and experienced team who bring a range of internationally-diverse experiences to our school. We make sure they stay at the top of their fields with our world-class continuing education and training. EPG is a member of City & Guilds, which is an educational organisation in the United Kingdom that develops a national system of technical vocational education. To further support our teaching team, EPG offers qualifications for Level 2-Certificate in the Children’s Work Force and Level 3 Diploma in Early Years Education to our Teaching staff. We also offer other training such as EduCare (Online Training Course), BLT-NQT Course and Leadership Development Training to ensure that our staff are equipped with current best practice and skills and we provide the best learning experience to our students.

EPG uses the most current, academically-endorsed methods to ensure that children have fun while learning the skills they need for long-term success in school and in life. We recognise that parents are an integral part of the learning process. Our teachers collaborate with our parents to nurture children into respectful, confident and joyful learners.

Our schools provide a stimulating, creative and welcoming environment. We value the active engagement of children, as we believe all children must have opportunities to work together, grow, play, and explore. Our facilities, which are designed specifically with the Early Years and Primary & Secondary-aged children in mind, are second-to-none and are constantly updated to stay at the forefront of Early Learning, Primary & Secondary education. Classrooms, Libraries, Technology Rooms and Play Areas are carefully-designed so that they have enough space, furniture, display and lighting that are adequate to children’s level, and would help boost children’s learning and concentration level.

Trips, extended learning programmes, events, and extra-curricular activities for all ages and abilities are also on offer in EPG. A range of extra-curricular activities such as Swimming, Ballet, Karate, Arts & Crafts and Discovery are to be enjoyed in EPG Clubs.

Please feel free to Contact Us if you wish to be a part of the EPG Family. We are confident that you will find your children’s time with us rewarding and you will see the best version of themselves.

We look forward to welcoming you and your children at The English Playgroup and EPG Schools.

Sulayman Al-Bassam

Managing Director

About Early Years

At EPG, the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is a play-based adapted curriculum for children from 9 months to 5.5 years. This allows children to explore and learn in an environment that is secure and safe, yet challenging. We understand that this period in a child's life is an important developmental stage when they discover themselves and the world around them. Leadership and teaching teams in branches are dedicated and passionate professionals who embody all the values we teach children.

Aims of the Early Years Programme for children:
  • To develop skills in spoken English and build a strong foundation of key skills for future learning.
  • To express their ideas freely through language, Art, Music, and roleplay in both English and Arabic.
  • To make friends and learn to play cooperatively, and to be sensitive and caring towards others.
  • To be familiar with simple ICT.
  • To develop a positive attitude toward learning.
The curriculum is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage that consists of 7 areas of learning and development.

Prime Areas

  • Communication and Language,

  • Physical Development,

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Specific Areas

  • Literacy

  • Mathematics

  • Understanding the World

  • Expressive Arts and Design

Early Years Academic Leadership Team

Ms. Vanessa graduated in the UK is now in her 29th year as an Early Childhood specialist and international leader in EY education. Her experiences with a range of curriculum and languages, have helped her guide the EPG team here in Kuwait to offer a personal programme for every child. With extensive work in Dubai and Qatar, as well as leading international schools and kindergartens in Asia, Ms. Vanessa has been thrilled to work with the EPG team continuing to bring their vision to life.

For many years her focus has been on curriculum development and this has led to the introduction of our EPG Curriculum, linking the EYFS (UK) with recognised developmental goals and also taking into account the second language status of many of our students. The world has changed, education is also facing dramatic change, and Ms. Vanessa continues to work on EPG programme development to ensure that every child has access to quality education.

"Working with an established team with a long history of excellence in Early Years education has been such a joy. The focus is always on the child, families and community, which the parents of Kuwait have responded to with such enthusiasm and continued support. I want EPG children to be happy, confident and able to use English as natural and effective communicators as they learn through play. The holistic nature of our programme allows our children to do just this. By using specialist teachers and encouraging participation in the Arts as well as a strong programme of academic subjects, our children can find their own path and understand what their gifts and talents are - and we are excited to nurture all these talents and help guide the future leaders of Kuwait."

The English Playgroup School Vice Principal Vanessa Temple

Vanessa Temple


Early Years Locations

Abdullah Mubarak Branch 1
Abdullah Mubarak Block 8 Street 834 Building 32
1811811 Ext. No. 300 or 301
Abdullah Mubarak Branch 2
Abdullah Mubarak Block 2 Street 201 Villa 15
1811811 Ext. No. 302 or 303
Abu Fatira Branch
Abu Fatira Block 1 Street 706 Building 62
1811811 Ext. No. 304 or 305
Abu Halifa Branch
Abu Halifa Coastal Road beside Kuwait Magic
1811811 Ext. No. 306 or 307
Al Qurain Branch
Al Qurain Block 4 Street 1 Building 20
1811811 Ext. No. 338 or 339
Al Salam Branch
Al Salam Block 6 Street 608
1811811 Ext. No. 308 or 309
Al Siddiq Branch
Al Siddiq Block 6 Street 50 Building 432-434
1811811 Ext. No. 354 or 355
EY Salmiya Branch
Salmiya Block 4 Street 3 Building 37
1811811 Ext. No. 348 or 349
EY Salwa Branch
Salwa Block 7 Street 2
1811811 Ext. No. 350 or 351
Fintas Branch
Fintas Block 6 Street 50 Building 432-434
1811811 Ext. No. 312 or 313
Funaitees Branch
Funaitees Block 3 Street 319 Building 45, 46 & 47
1811811 Ext. No. 314 or 315
Gernata Branch
Gernata Block 1, Jahra Street, Building 32-35
1811811 Ext. No. 316 or 317
Jabriya Branch
Jabriya Block 7 Street 102 Building 37
1811811 Ext. No. 318 or 319
Kaifan Branch
Kaifan Block 4 Street 40 Building 3
1811811 Ext. No. 320 or 321
Khaitan Branch
Khaitan Block 5 Street 41 via 5th Ring Airport Building 9
1811811 Ext. No. 322 or 323
Mangaf Branch
Mangaf Block 4 Street 34 Building 11
1811811 Ext. No. 324 or 325
Mesayel Branch
Al Mesayel Block 5 Abdulrahman Bin Araer Street Building 527
1811811 Ext. No. 328 or 329
Mishref Branch 1
Mishref Block 3 Road 54 Street 5 Building 31
1811811 Ext. No. 330 or 331
Mishref Branch 2
Mishref Block 3 Street 1 Building 12
1811811 Ext. No. 332 or 333
Mubarak Abdullah Branch
Mubarak Abdullah Block 1 Street 116 Building 44
1811811 Ext. No. 334 or 335
Mubarak Al Kabeer Branch
Mubarak Al Kabeer Block 6 Street 4 Building 33 and 35 7th Ring Road
1811811 Ext. No. 336 or 337
Qusour Branch
Al Qusor Block 5 Street 4 Building 18
1811811 Ext. No. 340 or 341
Rumaithiya Branch
Rumaithiya Block 6 Street 60
1811811 Ext. No. 344 or 345
Saad Abdullah Branch
Saad Abdullah Block 7 Street 16 Building 35
1811811 Ext. No. 346 or 347
Salwa White Building Branch
Block 7 Street 63
1811811 Ext. No. 352 or 353
Surra Branch
Surra Block 5 Hamad Yousif Bin Hussain Al Roumi Street Building 3
1811811 Ext. No. 356 or 357

About EPG Schools

EPG continues to fulfil its dynamic mission in providing quality Primary & Secondary schools in Kuwait and building the skills and knowledge for pupils to be the best they can be. EPG’s growth in the primary school phase in September 2019 is exemplified by the opening of the new EPG School-Sabah Salem, the introduction of Year 6 in EPG School-Salwa and EPG’s first move into Year 7 in EPG School-Salmiya. At all stages in EPG Schools, pupils study the mandatory subjects under the Kuwait Ministry of Education curriculum alongside the English National Curriculum, valuing and celebrating the traditions and customs of Kuwait.

Our new school, EPG School-Sabah Salem, is in an excellent location with light, spacious classrooms. In line with EPG’s educational provision at EPG Schools-Salwa and Salmiya, Sabah Salem has teaching resources from the UK & well-qualified teachers, and school environment that is warm, welcoming and family feel. Class teachers guide their pupils through their studies in Foundation Stage 2 and Years 1 and 2, teaching the English National Curriculum and the required subjects of the Kuwait Ministry of Education curriculum.

At EPG School-Salwa, the school now has its first Year 6. Pupils study the final year of the Key Stage 2 English National Curriculum, acquiring not only knowledge but also building the skills to apply that knowledge with greater independence in learning, whilst developing their thinking skills. At EPG School-Salmiya, EPG has introduced the first Year 7, which is the first year of Key Stage 3 of the English National Curriculum. Students continue to study the English curriculum at a more senior level, building on the skills and knowledge developed in Key Stage 2. In Key Stage 3, students can expect to be stretched and challenged even more than before in their learning and they feel the difference as they ‘step up’ from primary school into the first year of secondary education.

As a leading provider of education in Kuwait, EPG values and welcomes the partnership between the school and parents for every child. At EPG we know that each child is unique. At EPG, each child is encouraged and guided at every opportunity to be the best they can be.

  • At EPG, we aim to be the best we can be! We provide affordable high-quality education.
  • We enable children to become bilingual lifelong learners and valuable global citizens.
  • We build learning communities and provide safe, inclusive, collaborative environments.
  • We partner with parents to nurture the development of the whole child
  • We emphasise communication, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and compassion.
  • We value individual and cultural differences, celebrating Arabic and Islamic values.
  • Our schools offer the National Curriculum for England. It is a balanced and broad-based curriculum comprising KS1 for 5 – 7 year-olds, KS2 for 7 to 10 year-olds and KS3 for 11-14 year-olds.
  • This curriculum strives to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of children.
  • It also prepares pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences of later life.
  • Additionally, a full programme of Arabic and Islamic studies reflects the requirements of our host country.
  • Field trips, extended learning programmes, events, and extra-curricular activities for all ages and abilities enhance the learning experience.
  • Our learning support programme and Arabic as a foreign language for non-native Arabic speakers ensures access for all learners.

EPG Schools Academic Leadership Team

Hannah is originally from England and studied in the UK. She has a BA in Business and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. She is a dedicated and forward-thinking individual with over 20 years’ experience in education.

"Our staff shares a real passion for working with children. The safety and education of children are paramount and at the heart of everything we do. Our approach to learning is both interactive and innovative and we build positive relationships with children that are warm and kind and foster a sense of belonging."

Nancy is an experienced school leader with most of her teaching career having been spent in North Africa and the Middle East. She has 6 years of Middle and Senior leadership under her belt to complement her many years of teaching experience in British Schools. She is a member of the European Council for Independent Schools and obtained both her PGCE and MA in International Leadership from Sunderland University in the UK.

She brings a diverse range of skills and experience to EPG including Pre-school curriculum development, Enrichment Programme teaching, Language school teaching and an eye for interior design.

Raymond has been a primary school teacher for ten years with 3 years experience teaching in Ireland, 3 years teaching in London in one of the UK's largest primary schools and 4 years teaching experience in Kuwait. He has always been very passionate about teaching and inspiring students to be the best they can be. His background is in Science and he has honors degree in Neuroscience from University College Cork in Ireland. He loves sport and has experience in coaching primary school boys and girls in football and basketball.

“I am very proud to work for EPG and to be part of an educational organisation that is supporting students reach their full potential.”

Una’s journey in education began almost 30 years ago. She qualified from University College Cork, Cork, Ireland, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and Higher Diploma in Education. She returned to learning in 2006 to do a Higher Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy in The Cork Institute of Technology also located in Cork, the largest in the county. She has worked in both the Primary and Secondary school systems of education in Ireland, since her graduation from UCC.

“It has been a lifelong and wonderful journey that brought me to Kuwait in 2018.
My vision for education is one based on a holistic, child centered school experience that develops the child socially, morally and academically. The team I work with in EPG share my vision - we work to build a nurturing environment that is safe, inclusive and collaborative. We want to provide learning opportunities to each and every one of our students to equip them for their lives ahead. We could not achieve this without a close partnership with our parents. It is with great enthusiasm and passion that I hope to continue to contribute to young lives in EPG School-Salwa, Kuwait.”

The English Playgroup School EY Vice Principal Hannah Corner

Hannah Paula Corner

Vice Principal

Sabah Salem School

Nancy Eldars


Salmiya School

Raymond O’ Sullivan

Vice Principal

Salwa School

Una Flynn

Vice Principal

Salwa School

EPG Schools Locations

Sabah Salem School
Sabah Salem Block 1, Street 137, Building 479, Pixels Complex
1811811 Ext. No. 504 or 505
Salmiya School
Salmiya Block 12 Abo Thar Al Ghafari Street
1811811 Ext. No. 502 or 503
Salwa School
Salwa Block 7 Street 2
1811811 Ext. No. 500 or 501