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EY Parent Information Workshop 17, September 2019

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EY Parent Information Workshop

17, September 2019

On Tuesday 17th September we opened our Branches to parents from all year levels to join us for Parent Information Workshops. This is an evening of sharing, where we host a short presentation about our curriculum and what our children will be doing in school, and then invite parents to visit the classrooms and meet the teachers.  The Branch Managers and Learning Leaders were pleased to introduce parents to the EPG programme and also shared a little about how we work together to ensure each child has a holistic education, focusing not only on the academics but also personal and social awareness and growth.

Afterwards, the Teachers welcomed parents into their classrooms, set up with games and activities for parents to try for themselves. This allowed them to experience a little of how EPG uses both focused and free play, teacher directed activities and the use of digital materials from Oxford University Press to further support learning throughout each child’s day.

With outstanding attendance and positive feedback, we will continue to meet the requests of our parents and look forward to hosting FS2 parents in October to our first EPG Phonics Workshop.