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Welcome to The English Education Providers Group (EPG) WLL!

Established in 1975 as a family-owned and operated company, EPG has grown into the premier provider of Early Years, Primary and Secondary education in Kuwait. EPG today is positioned as the market leader in the Early Years sector with 27 locations alongside 3 School Campuses in Salwa, Salmiya and Sabah Al Salem, giving over 8,500 children aged 9 months to 13 years the opportunity to be educated with excellent educators making use of the best of facilities and resources, be pioneers on their own and in the society they live in and grow fully with their potentials and talents.

Our core mission at EPG is to enable our children to be the best they can be and empower them to become lifelong learners. We strive to provide rich and meaningful learning experiences that will encourage each student to grow and develop their unique talents and personality for their future.

EPG follows the world-renowned Foundation Stage and National Curriculum for England, which we have carefully adapted to local customs, Ministry of Education requirements, and our fully bilingual approach. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets the standards that all Early Years Providers must meet to ensure that each unique child has the opportunities to interact in positive relationships and enabling environments. The National Curriculum for Schools in England is a balanced and broad-based curriculum comprising KS1 for 5-7 year-olds, KS2 for 7-11 year-olds and KS3 for 11-13 year-olds. EPG has garnered international recognition for its efforts, earning full COBIS (Council of Overseas British International Schools) accreditation for our Schools in Salwa and Salmiya.

Our leadership and teaching family are the backbone of our company. Our programmes are enriched by qualified and experienced team who bring a range of internationally-diverse experiences to our school. We make sure they stay at the top of their fields with our world-class continuing education and training. EPG is a member of City & Guilds, which is an educational organisation in the United Kingdom that develops a national system of technical vocational education. To further support our teaching team, EPG offers qualifications for Level 2-Certificate in the Children’s Work Force and Level 3 Diploma in Early Years Education to our Teaching staff. We also offer other training such as EduCare (Online Training Course), BLT-NQT Course and Leadership Development Training to ensure that our staff are equipped with current best practice and skills and we provide the best learning experience to our students.

EPG uses the most current, academically-endorsed methods to ensure that children have fun while learning the skills they need for long-term success in school and in life. We recognise that parents are an integral part of the learning process. Our teachers collaborate with our parents to nurture children into respectful, confident and joyful learners.

Our schools provide a stimulating, creative and welcoming environment. We value the active engagement of children, as we believe all children must have opportunities to work together, grow, play, and explore. Our facilities, which are designed specifically with the Early Years and Primary & Secondary-aged children in mind, are second-to-none and are constantly updated to stay at the forefront of Early Learning, Primary & Secondary education. Classrooms, Libraries, Technology Rooms and Play Areas are carefully-designed so that they have enough space, furniture, display and lighting that are adequate to children’s level, and would help boost children’s learning and concentration level.

Trips, extended learning programmes, events, and extra-curricular activities for all ages and abilities are also on offer in EPG. A range of extra-curricular activities such as Swimming, Ballet, Karate, Arts & Crafts and Discovery are to be enjoyed in EPG Clubs.

Please feel free to Contact Us if you wish to be a part of the EPG Family. We are confident that you will find your children’s time with us rewarding and you will see the best version of themselves.

We look forward to welcoming you and your children at EPG.


Established in 2000 as a family-owned and operated company, EPG has grown into the premier provider of Early Years and Primary & Secondary Education in Kuwait. EPG currently operates a network of 30 schools across Kuwait, giving over 8,500 children aged 9 months to 12 years the opportunity to be the best they can be.

Our core mission at EPG is to empower students to become lifelong learners and to strive for their full potential. We have created a welcoming and safe environment for children to learn, be creative, and grow into the global citizens that will shape the future of Kuwait.

EPG follows the world-renowned English National Curriculum in our schools, which we have carefully adapted to local customs, Ministry of Education requirements, and our fully bilingual approach. EPG has garnered international recognition for its efforts, earning full COBIS (Council of Overseas British International Schools) accreditation for our Schools in Salwa and Salmiya.

Our leadership and teaching family, currently over 700 strong, are the backbone of our company, and they are each handpicked from across the world for their exceptional experience and training. We make sure they stay at the top of their fields with our world-class continuing education and training.



Our Mission is to enable all our children to be the best they can be. We do this by:

  • Providing high-quality education, enabling children to become bilingual lifelong learners and valuable global citizens in a rapidly changing, multicultural world.
  • Partnering with parents to nurture the development of the child, emphasising communication, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and compassion.



EPG Vision aspires to provide meaningful, innovative learning opportunities for all stakeholders, which exemplify and promote the EPG Values.

  • To deliver a curriculum of the highest quality, encouraging each student to develop their unique skills and talents through holistic and comprehensive education.
  • To develop and maintain safe, welcoming environments for our school community, celebrating creativity and inspiring academic excellence.
  • To nurture and support our students in all areas of learning and development: spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual and physical.



EPG Values are at the heart of our schools and guide all that we do.

INTEGRITY: The qualities that show a person is honest, trustworthy, dependable and respectful and to show these qualities with confidence in all aspects of their lives.

EMPATHY: The capacity for caring, kindness, understanding, and compassion for all living things.

CREATIVITY: The willingness to embrace curiosity, inquiry, reflection, inspiration, innovation, independence, diversity, flexibility, adaptability and to contribute to a new global society.

LEADERSHIP: The ability to think critically, show resilience, make decisions, solve problems, collaborate, communicate effectively, and be committed to a shared vision.

GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP: The understanding and acceptance that we are all connected through humanity and our environment, and that it is our shared responsibility to protect and preserve the world that we live in.



At EPG, we believe that as well as supporting children to be the best they can be academically, it is even more important to support children to be the best they can be both socially, emotionally and personally. Well-being is at the forefront of the school’s curriculum and promoting good mental health is a priority.

At our school we:

  • help children to understand their emotions and feelings better
  • help children feel comfortable sharing any concerns or worries
  • help children socially to form and maintain relationships
  • promote self-esteem and ensure children know that they count
  • encourage children to be confident and ‘dare to be different’
  • help children to develop emotional resilience and to manage setbacks


Parent Testimonials

“The English Playgroup is distinguished by providing educational material for children in the early stages in a way that is appropriate for their ages, interspersed with play, entertainment and encouragement competitions that motivate children to be the best they can be, and my daughter Lara is happy to join and we want to register for the new school year.”

Mariam Qahwaji

“During Shahad’s last 3 years, we’ve never felt any sort of negligence. You have showed how much you are connected to your students even in this pandemic. The home activities were a great idea to let her enjoy her time in a useful way. We will never find a supporting educational organization such as you EPG. Thank you!”

Abeer Al Naser

“We thank you for your cooperation with us during the ban period, and you were in constant contact with us. Our children were happy to practice their activities and educational stories. We are happy as parents to choose the EPG School will make the best choices for future generations. Thank you from my heart.”

Parents of Saad and Mariam Al Saleh

“Thanks EPG for the big effort to keep our daughter engaged in learning and for challenging her to develop her skills in many fun and different ways.”

Greenan Villafanes

“We miss our epg school , miss having fun , learning and playing with our friends but safety comes first, hope to see you all soon.”

Parent of Zainab Hashem Haider & Yassmen Hashem Haider (Kawther Aal Rashed)

أتقدم لكم بوافر الشكر والتقدير لجهودكم وتفانيكم الكبير والذي تكلل بانجازاتكم الطيبة في رفد العملية التربوية للأجيال التى كانت تحت رعايتكم ، آملين منكم المزيد ، داعين لكم الباري أن يأخذ بأيديكم لما يحب ويرضى انه سميع الدعاء

Nadiah Al Enezi (Mother of Najem Ahmad Abdullah Al Najem)

“I am really grateful for all the effort EPG has placed during this crisis. I would recommend more worksheets to be sent out. Noura looks forward to them every time.”

Fatemah Ajeel AlSaadoun

My kids are so in love with learning, I didn’t know that Hur really likes to write until I saw hoe happy she was when I printed out the activities you are sending to me. She fights with her brother over the papers to do them. She also asks me to buy red flowers for her teachers, and she said that she loves her teachers. It also means a lot to me because she prove to me that she is in good and safe hands. Mohammed too, he know how to read, to write with a little help from me. He surprised me how good he is in reading and writing in both languages, English and Arabic. Thank you English Playgroup for this great job you are doing with our kids in school and also online now. You are the best. I think I will keep Hur in EPG for FS1 and FS2.

Zahraa Hayyan

المجموعة الانجليزية انشطتها ممتازة ومسلية وممتعة للأطفال لان فيها يشغلون وقتهم بأشياء مفيدة جدا.. شكرا
...EPG school .

Hanan Almuqhawi

“It was a really good support for my children Sleem. Your E- educational activities and communication were very beneficial to develop my child’s skills and personality during this tough times. Thank you EPG for supporting us.”

Noura Ahmad

انتي عارفه رأيي انا جدا معجبه بالاسلوب والطريقه اللي بتوصلو فيها المعلومه للاطفال وبالنسبه للانشطه كتير ممتعه ومفيده ومسليه كانت لاولادي والتحديات كمان

Halah Yousef Al Oudhat

“Amidst to this pandemic we are currently experiencing, EPG had extended their efforts thru home school activities that provided continuous learning to our children and an opportunity with us parents to interact with our kids. They came up with activity challenges that excites our children and does give some rewards. Indeed, EPG has proven the quality of education they are offering even in this time of situations. Kudos EPG for the job well done.”

Jenoralyn Estinoso Doron

“First of all I would like to thank EPG for the amazing efforts during the house quarantine to maintain our kids
knowledge and creativity with the daily challenges and paper works.
Fatooma misses EPG a lot and hope to see her teachers and friends soon. Happy Eid!”

Loulwah Bader Alomar

"Hi EPG, we would like to thank you for the great effort and great support you have been providing to the kids by sending those exercises and posting them to Instagram. It's really a great effort from the team, teachers, assistants and administration. We really admire the great effort, thank you very much we appreciate the effort stay safe and see you soon."

Hussam Barakat

“EPG Jabriya is my children’s school for many years and it is really a great choice. I'd like to thank the school staff for their continuous care and support. Many thanks to Mrs.Dareen who is always there for us. The teachers are caring, understanding and professional. The social workers are cooperative. Also the assistants are kind and helpful. I really appreciate   the proper management of the current situation by keeping continuous contact with the children through funny activities and sheets.”

Parents of Ali and Fatemah Mohammad

ماشاءالله جهودكم جدا واضحة وفي تنوع في الأنشطة والفعاليات خصوصا في ظل هذا الوقت الراهن ومواكب للطقوس الرمضانية وكذلك القصص ممتعة وهادفة وسهلة لاستيعاب الطفل ، للأمانة يعطيكم العافية على مساعيكم الطيبة والتي ساعدتنا بالفعل على شغل وقت الطفل بما يفيده وينمي عقله وجسده ،، شكرا جزيلا من القلب ??

Aisha AlJabour

“Thank you EPG for your great effort in  providing  the educational and purposeful activities that develop the mental and physical abilities of the children. My son enjoyed a lot with you in those activities, a big thanks and  gratitude for what you provided to our young children.”

Hanan Salem

بالنسبة للمجموعة الانجلزية لتعليم المبكر وايد حلوة صراحة وتعامل فيها جدا راقي وبنتي وايد استفادة صراحة وانا بشكركم كتير علي مجهوداتكم وعلي تعبكم والله يعطيكم الف العافية

Sanaa Balkuswi

“I was happy with the EPG school initiative of having online teaching and activities during the lockdown. The school kept the students busy with educational and funny activities to utilize their time and successfully deliver the curriculum. EPG kept in touch with the students especially when we received the EPG gift, how beautiful and meaningful it was. I am very grateful for all staff at EPG Salwa branch and for all EPG staff for their dedication and hard work, I couldn't think of a better school for my children to be in.”

Ehab Bani Hani

“EPG in short is amazing! I am really speechless! EPG helped me to do some fun educational activities with my daughter and she really enjoyed doing them. Thanks a lot for everything.”

Kuwait Al Badeyah

“My son has been attending English Play Group for 1 year now, it has been an amazing experience for him. He loves his teachers, his friends and all the different activities and classes he attends. He is learning something new every day and is super excited to go to school every morning!  I highly recommend EPG to any parents looking for a friendly learning environment with professional staff, organized curriculum and lots of innovative and educational activities.”

Danah Kanso

السلام عليكم
يعطيكم العافيه على الانشطة الرائعة الي ترسلونها للاطفال
انشطة مفيدة ومسلية للجميع و عائلية
الحمدالله استفادو منها وسعيدين بادائها
شكرا EPG ♥️

Parents of Afra Yateem

“Thank you EPG for the continuous follow-up, and the daily engaging activities & social media interactions which allowed our kids to stay connected & very well engaged, i can see that these daily activities have introduced positive challenges and encouragement which our kids were in need for, especially during the connected curfew & distancing period .. Thanks once again. These challenges kept And encourage them by gifts ,Wish you all the best”

Lena Shehada

Thank you Playgroup for the challenges and activities, my kid had a lot of fun and I’m sure everyone did as well.

يعطيكم العافيه

فعلا فرحتونا وتسلينا معاكم بالتحديات والمنافسات
الي تفيد عيالنا

كل سنه وانتوا سالمين

Parents of Shahad Albalool

السلام عليكم
انا والد الطالب
سيدهاشم محمد الرفاعي
مدرسة EPG EY سلوى E4
في البداية نشكر الكادر التعليمي في EPG على الجهود المبذولة في التواصل مع اطفالهم الاعزاء على قلوبهم الذين كانوا يقضون اوقاتا ممتعة في افرعها التي تنتشر في دولة الكويت الحبيبة ??
ولكن رغم الوباء الذي ضرب العالم اجمع والكويت ايضا
ما زال الكادر التعليمي في EPG على تواصل ببرامجه القيم والانشطة المختلفة التي تجلب السعادة لاطفالهم شكرا على رعايتكم ونتمى ان يزول هذا الوباء قريبا ان شاء الله
شكرا المجموعة الانجليزية للتعلم المبكر

Mohammad AlRifaei

“One of the most important decisions is choosing first year school to our children as it will be the base. Once we visit and knew EPG in Salwa we feel comfortable to the subjects, tools & environment. When the year starts we were more satisfied as the culture was so close to a family that leads my daughter to gain a lot of talents and knowledge from FS1 .
We appreciate all the effort done and continues during the curfew in Kuwait. It helps the kids being in the mood of learning, motivation & family spirit to be the best they can be.”

Fayrouz Assaad

الله الانشطه وايد حلوه ومتنوعه وكافي انكم تابعون الاطفال بهالاوضاع
وبنفس وقت الانشطه تعليميه وترفيهيه ماتخلي الاطفال يملون

Majeda Hussein Shah Hussein

“EPG school, I don't want to overdo it, but I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the extra efforts that I touch it through my son experience on your school with all of patience, creativity and love, thank you for your kind help and the support you provided to my son as well as a good learning environment. specially you’re extremely following up during curfew, I truly appreciate and value everything that you made, this is our third year with you and I preferred the next as well.   Thank you, EPG.”

Mahmoud Herzallah

“Thank you, EPG! Thank you, teachers, !!we enjoy all the homework send it in this time, I’m surprised about how my son improved this year, we loved all the activities and challenges ? EPG is the best choice I made for my son!!??‍?.”

Elena ElRamlawy

نشكر الاداره  لعطائكم وجهودكم وتعاونكم وتشجيع الاطفال والتاثر البارز والانجاز المتميز لبناء الطفل وخلق روح التنافس والمرح والتعاون بين الاطفال وخاصه في هذه الازمه ولكم جزيل الشكر على فوز ابني علي محمد جاسم بالمسابقه
FS1 B1
الى اداره المدرسه
حيث التعامل الحسن من قبل الجميع
اداره ومعلمات ومشرفات
مما يسعدنا بأن ابنائنا في ايدي امينه
نشكر للجميع الاخلاق العاليه والتعامل الراقي
واسعاد اطفالنا خلال هذه الازمه

Parents of Ali Mohammad Jaber

اولا يعطيكم العافيه على مجهودكم المتواصل طوال فترة الدراسة ٥اسابيع
نشكركم على حرصكم على اهتمامكم بابناءنا ايجابيات الدراسة عن بعد تطوير فكر الطالب وحرصة على حل واجباته المدرسية اما سلبياتها عدم اخذ الوقت الكافي في اخذ الخبرة من المعلم وتطوير الذات وعدم قدرة الاهل على استيعاب بعض المفردات لانه في المدرسة الطالب ياخذ الوقت الكافي في الدراسة واستيعاب المناهج الدراسية

Nawwaf Al Yatama

“Thank you, EPG Kaifan. You’re the best. I don’t need to thank 1 teacher because you all go out of your way, thank you! Lots of love and we can’t wait to see you again..”

Mother of Duaa Ali

“Thank you EPG for offering my daughter the opportunity to continue learning by sending such engaging videos, activities and keeping up encouraging her on daily basis. Your efforts are highly appreciated.”

Osama Al Ayas

“The activities are enjoyable and the EPG is an excellent school. I have noticed the development of my daughter in terms of education and self-confidence. Thank you very much for what you have always provided and wish you all the best."

Rehab Mukhtar

في ظل الظروف الطارئة التي يمر بها وطننا الحبيب وعلى الرغم من الوقت الضيق والتغيير المفاجئ لعملية التعليم قمتم انتم بمجهودات استثنائية لتأمين آليه مناسبة لتعليم الطلاب وهم في منازلهم وقدمتم الكثير من الانشطة والفيديوهات التعليمية وبهذا نتقدم نحن أسرة زينة وليان الحسن بالشكر الجزيل لكل القائمين على هذا الانجاز.
بارك الله في جهودكم وحفظكم الله من كل مكروه.
سجى بدر السليطين ..
ام زينه و ليان الحسن

Parent of  Layan & Zainah Ahmad Khaled AlHasan

Early Years Locations

Abdullah Mubarak Branch 2
Block 2 Street 201 Villa 15 Abdullah Mubarak
1811811 Ext. No. 302 or 303
Abu Fatira Branch
Block 1 Street 706 Building 62 Abu Fatira
1811811 Ext. No. 304 or 305
Al Qurain Branch
Block 4 Street 1 Building 20 Al Qurain
1811811 Ext. No. 338 or 339
Al Salam Branch
Block 6 Street 608 Al Salam
1811811 Ext. No. 308 or 309
Al Siddiq Branch
Block 6 Street 50 Building 432-434 Al Siddiq
1811811 Ext. No. 354 or 355
Dasma Branch
Block 5 Salem Al Jumaian Street Dasma
1811811 Ext. No. 310 or 311
EY Sabah Al Salem Branch
Block 11 Street 1 Sabah Al Salem
1811811 Ext. No. 360 or 361
EY Salwa Branch
Block 7 Street 2 Salwa
1811811 Ext. No. 350 or 351
Fintas Branch
Block 4 Khalefa Talal Al Jeri Street 210 Building 33 Fintas
1811811 Ext. No. 312 or 313
Funaitees Branch
Block 3 Street 319 Building 45, 46, & 47 Funaitees
1811811 Ext. No. 314 or 315
Gernata Branch
Block 1, Jahra Street, Building 32-35 Gernata
1811811 Ext. No. 316 or 317
Jaber Al Ahmad Branch
Block 6 Street 648 Jaber Al Ahmad
1811811 Ext. No. 346 or 347
Jabriya Branch
Block 7 Street 102 Building 37 Jabriya
1811811 Ext. No. 318 or 319
Kaifan Branch
Block 4 Street 40 Building 3 Kaifan
1811811 Ext. No. 320 or 321
Khaitan Branch
Block 5 Street 41 via 5th Ring Airport Building 9 Khaitan
1811811 Ext. No. 322 or 323
Khaldiya Branch
Block 2 Street 29 Building 11 Khaldiya
1811811 Ext. No. 358 or 359
Mangaf Branch
Block 4 Street 34 Building 11 Mangaf
1811811 Ext. No. 324 or 325
Mesayel Branch
Block 5 Abdulrahman Bin Araer Street Building 527 Al Mesayel
1811811 Ext. No. 328 or 329
Mishref Branch 1
Block 3 Road 54 Street 5 Building 31 Mishref
1811811 Ext. No. 330 or 331
Mishref Branch 2
Block 3 Street 1 Building 12 Mishref
1811811 Ext. No. 332 or 333
Mubarak Abdullah Branch
Block 1 Street 116 Building 44 Mubarak Abdullah
1811811 Ext. No. 334 or 335
Mubarak Al Kabeer Branch
Mubarak Al Kabeer Block 6 Street 4 Building 33 and 35 7th Ring Road
1811811 Ext. No. 336 or 337
Qusour Branch
Block 5 Street 115 Building 18 Al Qusor
1811811 Ext. No. 340 or 341
Rawda Branch
Block 3 Essa Abdullatif Al Abdul Jaleel Street Rawda
1811811 Ext. No. 342 or 343
Rumaithiya Branch
Block 6 Street 60 Rumaithiya
1811811 Ext. No. 344 or 345
Sabah Al Ahmad
Block 2 Street 221 Building 183 Sabah Al Ahmad
1811811 Ext. No. 364 or 365
Salwa Block 11 Branch
Block 11 Al-Taawaen Street Salwa
1811811 Ext. No. 326 or 327
EY03-SLW B11
Salwa White Building Branch
Block 4 Street 63 Salwa
1811811 Ext. No. 352 or 353
Surra Branch
Block 5 Hamad Yousif Bin Hussain Al Roumi Street Building 3 Surra
1811811 Ext. No. 356 or 357

Primary Schools Locations

Fahaheel School
Block 7 Street 109 Fahaheel
Sabah Salem School
Block 1 Street 137 Building 479 Pixels Complex Sabah Salem
1811811 Ext. No. 504 or 505
Salmiya School
Block 12 Abo Thar Al Ghafari Street Salmiya
1811811 Ext. No. 502 or 503
Salwa School
Block 7 Street 2 Salwa
1811811 Ext. No. 500 or 501

Secondary Schools Locations

Salwa Secondary School
Block 7 Street 2 Salwa
1811811 Ext. No. 500 or 501