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  • Be The Best They Can Be
    Be The Best They Can Be
  • Enjoy activities at EPG Summer Camp
    Enjoy activities at EPG Summer Camp
  • Building Learning Communities
    Building Learning Communities
  • Educate, Pioneer, and Grow!
    Educate, Pioneer, and Grow!

Early Years

At EPG, the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is a play-based adapted curriculum for children from 9 months to 5.5 years. ...

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The English Playgroup School Primary School

Primary School

Our Primary Schools are creative, dynamic places of learning where children aged 5 to 12 can hone the skills that they will ...

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Extra Curricular Activities

The English Playgroup School After School Club Activities

Cooking is an important life skill. At EPG our ...

The English Playgroup School After School Club Activities
Arts and Crafts

Our Arts and Crafts classes provide activities ...

The English Playgroup School After School Club Activities

Increased self-esteem, self-confidence and ...

The English Playgroup School After School Club Activities

Dancing is a great form of aerobic exercise. ...

The English Playgroup School Sports Day
Sports Days

EPG organises annual Sports days where children ...

The English Playgroup School After School Club Activities

Swimming is an excellent form of low-impact ...

Meet the Academic team

Vanessa joined EPG in 2018 and is the Early Years Principal where she oversees the quality of teaching and learning, ongoing curriculum development, leadership and management and staffing of Early Years branches. At the core of Vanessa's teaching philosophy lies the desire to find ways to motivate and inspire children. She endeavours to establish safe, supportive and stimulating environments, where children can grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially, ultimately meeting their fullest potential to be the best that they can be.
“Children are the heart of everything we do. We have an aspiration for all our children to enjoy their school journey, fulfill their academic potential, and become successful lifelong learners.”

The English Playgroup School Vice Principal Vanessa Temple
Vanessa Temple

Early Years Principal

Our staff share a real passion for working with children. The safety and education of children is paramount and at the heart of everything we do. Our approach to learning is both interactive and innovative and we build positive relationships with children that are warm and kind, and foster a sense of belonging.
Originally from England and studied in the UK, Hanna has a BA in Business and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. She is a dedicated and forward thinking individual with over 20 years’ experience in education.
Hannah is the Vice Principal overall EY branches.

Hannah Paula Corner

Early Years Vice Principal

We firmly believe in building strong relationships with parents. We want to engage with parents to build a shared understanding of the principles of the curriculum, learning goals of the school and our approaches and methodologies we adopt. We acknowledge that parents have a special contribution to make in creating and fostering a positive school setting.
Originally from Colorado in the USA, Crystal have recently graduated with a Masters in Leadership education and has 6 years of experience in shaping the minds of children. As a passionate and inspired educator, Crystal enjoys helping all students and teachers reach their highest potential.
Crystal is the Vice Principal overall EY branches.

Crystal Loch

Early Years Vice Principal

Nancy is an experienced school leader with most of her teaching career having been spent in North Africa and the Middle East. She has 6 years of Middle and Senior leadership under her belt to complement her many years of teaching experience in British Schools. She is a member of the European Council for Independent Schools and obtained both her PGCE and MA in International Leadership from Sunderland University in the UK.
She brings a diverse range of skills and experience to EPG including Pre-school curriculum development, Enrichment Programme teaching, Language school teaching and an eye for interior design.

Nancy Eldars

Primary School Principal

At EPG, we aim to be the best that we can be! We provide affordable high quality education.
Tracey joined EPG in 2018 as PS Vice Principal, She completed MA Educational Management & Leadership from University of Bath, United Kingdom. As a leader, she believes in building teams and training staff to have high expectations and to meet high standards, believing that on-going CPD enables teachers to deliver the highest standard of learning.
Tracey trusts that the most important contributing factor to enhancing a student’s success rate is motivating and encouraging them to believe that they can do well.

The English Playgroup School Vice Principal Tracey Deane
Tracey Deane

Primary School Vice Principal

EPG schools are places where children are valued, safe and happy. We create a positive and supportive environment for learning where teachers actively model how they would like children to behave.
Paul is passionate about active learning and the development of thinking skills. He continually reinforces learning through self-directed activities, hands-on learning and collaborative work. He teaches children to be independent and to “Be the best they can be”. In the classroom children are able to make creative choices in their learning, whilst being supported and guided by the teacher through age-appropriate activities.
Paul has more than 18 years teaching and management experience across all development levels in Kuwait and further abroad.

The English Playgroup School Vice Principal Paul Ellmes
Paul Ellmes

Primary School Vice Principal

Parents Speak

The English Playgroup School Parents Speech

My son and daughter have attended The English Play Group for three years.  My kids love their teachers and they get very excited to go to school every morning. They have learned so much, and their vocabulary, reading, writing and social skills are improving remarkably. In addition to the daily fun activities at class, the school holds multiple events throughout the year that involves parents participation, which is a great opportunity to interact with my kids, the other parents and the teachers. It's really great to see my kids having fun with their friends. The teachers and staff are very professional, friendly, cooperative and caring. They are very keen on keeping the parents involved by giving constant feedback and tips in order to improve the kid's progress.

Mr. Mustafa Nasser Al Furaih
The English Playgroup School Parents Speech

EPG is one of the most successful schools in education where I was inspired with my son in terms of developing his educational and social skills and learning new things daily, helping to build his personality to become a member of society.

Mr. Yahya Youssef AlJumaa
The English Playgroup School

The English Playgroup is really a good school for kids. All the staff are amazing and very friendly with the kids. My daughter is in one of EPG branches and she loves all her teachers and friends. She learns new things every day and very excited to go to school each day.

Mrs. Deena Tareq AlRukhais