• Be The Best They Can Be
    Be The Best They Can Be
  • Educate, Pioneer, and Grow!
    Educate, Pioneer, and Grow!

Early Years

At EPG, the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is a play-based adapted curriculum for children from 9 months to 5.5 years. ...

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EPG Schools

EPG continues to fulfil its dynamic mission in providing quality Primary & Secondary schools in Kuwait and building the ...

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Extra Curricular Activities


Cooking is an important life skill. At EPG our ...

Arts and Crafts

Our Arts and Crafts classes provide activities ...


Increased self-esteem, self-confidence and ...

The English Playgroup School After School Club Activities

Dancing is a great form of aerobic exercise. ...

Sports Days

EPG organises annual Sports days where children ...


Swimming is an excellent form of low-impact ...

Services and Facilities

The English Playgroup School Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool

Swimming is an excellent form of low-impact ...

The English Playgroup School Play Area
EY & PS Multilevel Play Area

Children can enjoy the multilevel play areas in ...

The English Playgroup School After School Club Activities
After School Club

The EPG After School Club is a specialised ...


For AY 2020-2021, Early Years children will get ...

School Trips

Travelling to various places on educational trips ...

The English Playgroup School Healthy Meal
Healthy Meals

We provide children with daily good quality ...

Summer Camp

The school year may end, but not the fun. EPG ...

School Uniform

EPG takes pride in its uniforms as they are ...


Extending its mission to provide affordable high ...

Health Insurance

In EPG, we believe that being healthy makes a ...

Stationery Supplies

EPG provides a personalized collection of ...

Play Area

The English Playgroup develops and maintains ...


EPG classrooms are carefully-designed so that ...


EPG Library gives future learners an introduction ...

Science Laboratory

EPG Schools’ Science Room gives children an ...

Parents Speak

The English Playgroup School Parents Speech

EPG is one of the most successful schools in education where I was inspired with my son in terms of developing his educational and social skills and learning new things daily, helping to build his personality to become a member of society.

Mr. Yahya Youssef AlJumaa
The English Playgroup School

The English Playgroup is really a good school for kids. All the staff are amazing and very friendly with the kids. My daughter is in one of EPG branches and she loves all her teachers and friends. She learns new things every day and very excited to go to school each day.

Mrs. Deena Tareq AlRukhais
The English Playgroup School Parents Speech

My son and daughter have attended The English Play Group for three years.  My kids love their teachers and they get very excited to go to school every morning. They have learned so much, and their vocabulary, reading, writing and social skills are improving remarkably. In addition to the daily fun activities at class, the school holds multiple events throughout the year that involves parents participation, which is a great opportunity to interact with my kids, the other parents and the teachers. It's really great to see my kids having fun with their friends. The teachers and staff are very professional, friendly, cooperative and caring. They are very keen on keeping the parents involved by giving constant feedback and tips in order to improve the kid's progress.

Mr. Mustafa Nasser Al Furaih