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EPG Conference 2, December 2018

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EPG Conference

2, December 2018

EPG, one of Kuwait’s largest private school systems, inaugurated its 1st Annual Conference on Pedagogy and Learning, presented by The English PlayGroup and The Institute at EPG for the Theory and Practice of Teaching. Running four days from December 2-5, the Conference brought together nearly 400 of EPG’s dedicated teachers for a series of nearly 40 lectures and presentations around the theme of play-based learning. In everything from presentations on teaching spatial relationships to restructuring carpet time, the dedicated presenters brought a wealth of experience together for substantive discussions on our methodologies in shaping the future generations of Kuwait. EPG’s Primary School professionals will gather for part two of this stimulating Conference in early-February 2019, and they will focus on the theme of shaping and reshaping behavioral practices on modern pedagogy. While EPG is excited to kick off this annual Conference, we look forward to future iterations that will invite the broader teaching community in Kuwait and beyond to join in this celebration for the advancement of teaching practices and the continued advancement of our field and craft.