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EPG’s NVQ Centre Earns Prestigious International Accreditation 28, February 2019

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EPG’s NVQ Centre Earns Prestigious International Accreditation

28, February 2019

Exciting things are happening at EPG’s teacher training facilities! The NVQ Centre, now in the beautiful new Mariam Mall complex, has come under the wing of the EPG Institute and is guided by Mrs. Florence Schempers, NVQ Coordinator, and Dr. David Speicher, Director of the EPG Institute. In February 2019, the NVQ Centre received full accreditation from City & Guilds in London, one of the oldest and most esteemed training and accrediting agencies in the world (first established in 1878). After a series of thorough inspections of our facilities, staff, documentation, instruction and teacher work, EPG is now licensed to grant teachers internationally recognized and respected certificates and diplomas directly from City & Guilds. EPG is one of only a handful of international training centres accredited to offer City & Guilds training outside of the UK, and this is a major milestone in our continued endeavor to be the best we can be. We would like to congratulate the amazing work of all the successful teachers, who laboured long and hard over the past two years to successfully complete the rigorous training programs. We have now officially matriculated our first three cohorts of students and they have now been officially recognized as graduates by City & Guilds in London, who is printing, sealing, and mailing all diplomas and certificates to EPG to disseminate in our upcoming awards ceremony (TBA soon!). We would also like to congratulate the dedication of our mentors and assessors, who skillfully guided the teachers through their courses, and who gave their time and effort not only to their charges but also to their own assessor courses to become certified. Lastly, we want to express congratulations and gratitude to Mrs. Schempers, who trained and led all teachers and assessors through their programs, who managed the final inspections and mountains of paperwork, and who herself earned in February the highest certification as an assessor through the Great Achievers program. Please join us congratulating all the assessors and students listed below on their impressive accomplishment! We will be gearing up and registering soon for upcoming courses, so please speak to either Dr. Speicher or Mrs. Schempers for information.


4227-01 - Level 2 Certificate for the Children and Young People’s Workforce:

Marian Molina

Naheda Alsawaeir

Razan Ameen

Anita Kegegian

Orleance Javier

Calina Speranta Dubacs

Ghadeer Ramal Alslaihat

Ma Angielyn Solis

Dalia Alwafai

Zhenya Petrosyan

Alvina Servito

Jean Rachelle Patena

Anne Marie Rivero

Ghufran Zvada

Reem Alsougier

Melaiko Licud

Najaa Ahmad

Ma Ruby Hernandez

Mymoenah Sauls

Shaimaa El Sebaie

Ailyn De la Torre

Ruth Bracero

Mariana Matei

Nada Yamout

Samah Ayoub

Maria Paloma

Nahla Aleassa

Nove Baleta

Ma Carmela Mendoza

Nicoleta Istrate

Lena Kadanian

Constanta Ruse

Ayat Shreim

Faten Berro

Khawla Hamad

Jomelyn Roberto

Huda Bodair

Kristine Gannaban

Candice Parco

Najwa Jbali

Ekaterina Usanina

Razan Saadeh

Marydel Aznar

Eman Almousa

Joanna Litimco

Hala Abujeish

Cherrylyn Daigo


3605-03 – Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years Practitioner (Early Years Educator):

Calina Speranta Dubacs

Colette De Bruin

Kleopatra Kyrtsana

Nicola Lynn

Elsa Gonzalez

Iliana Barclay

Zainab Taha

Sumayya Docrat

Miray Zallaya

Beth Korpi

Sahista Chamadiya

Anthea Roelf

Monique Human

Elisa Marie Rodriguez

Shahed Nazeim

Ciara Prendergast

Michelle Audrey Jackson


Assessors for the first three cohorts:

Bianca Marinus

Crystal Loch

Maggie Jones

David Nel

Florence Schempers

Hannah Corner

Kirsten Turner