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EY FSL-FS2 Maths Week / Open Day 9, December 2018

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EY FSL-FS2 Maths Week / Open Day

9, December 2018

Our EPG Early Years students from FSL to FS2 will be celebrating Mathematics Week from December 9-13, 2018. They will be involved in a variety of exciting and fun activities in their Mathematics classes that reinforce number, measurement, space and shape concepts.

Early Years Mathematics knowledge can predict a child’s long-term achievement even into secondary school. Perhaps even more surprising, a student’s early Maths knowledge is a better predictor of later reading achievement than even their early reading skills. In fact, research shows that doing more mathematics significantly increases oral language abilities.

This year’s theme – “Maths is all Around Us” – aims to strengthen our children’s love for Mathematics.

Meanwhile, all FS2 students also celebrated the 100th day of the school year with exciting activities integrated throughout their daily lessons. Parents were able to join in the fun as they celebrated Open Day during the week with the children. It was a fantastic opportunity for all to engage in hands-on and mind-boggling activities!