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EY Summer Camp 2018 3, June 2018

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EY Summer Camp 2018

3, June 2018

EY SUMMER CAMP 2018 (From 3rd June to 20th August)

Enjoy the summer heat with fun and learning at The English Playgroup Summer Camp!
Programme includes:
English, Maths, Science, Arts, Cooking (once a week), Sports & Swimming (twice a week)
Age :2.3 to 5 years ( Boys & Girls)
Time:8.00 AM to 2PM
Camp Fee: 160 KD Monthly or 45 KD weekly
Discounts are available for The English Playgroup
Students registered for AY 2018 - 2019
TT, Pre-FSL & FSL - 50%
FS1 - 40%
FS2 - 30%
Monthly Transport Fee: 30KD
Camp Sites:
Siddiq, Fintas, Surra, Mubarak Al Kabeer,
Rumaithiya, Funaitees, Abdullah Mubarak 1
For more information, please visit the
administration office or call
EPG Siddiq 60602681
EPG Mubarak Al Kabeer 60603721
EPG Fintas 65553767
EPG Rumaithiya 60603226
EPG Funaitees 60609047
EPG Abdullah Mubarak 65553721
EPG Surra 60602711

Download the English & Arabic Brochure: