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FS2 Fun Day 28, October 2018

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FS2 Fun Day

28, October 2018

We would like to share with you our plans for our wonderful FS2 children for the week 28th-31st October, which will be Activity Week.

This is the EPG Primary School Mid-Term Break, and we would like to invite all FS2 children to take advantage of our wonderful facilities and programme whilst the older children are off campus.

During this week your child will take the bus and visit the Primary School campus where they will have a structured programme of activities that will  allow them to experience some of the wonderful choices on offer to EPG Primary children. This will include activities such as: Cooking, Swimming, Football, Ballet, Karate, Scientific Exploration, Arts and Crafts.

Our programme of Transition to Primary, which is a series of events throughout the FS2 year, is designed to help each child to have a secure and confident move out of the preschool setting and into a more structured day in the larger campus. For many children, and their parents, this can be quite daunting, and so we hope that by giving your child the opportunity to experience life in Primary in this series of planned events they will be excited and better prepared for the move.

Our EPG Primary School in Salwa is thrilled that they will have the opportunity to meet our wonderful FS2 children during Activity Week!